Iron Plans
Implement a public pricing page in 5 minutes
Get a public pricing page up and running with Iron Plans ASAP

Step 1: Create a Public Token

Create a public token in the Iron Plans Dash. A public token is a limited-scope token that authorizes all client-side SDK access to Iron Plans.

Step 2: Client-side SDK

Integrate Iron Plans in your front-end by using our Client-side SDKs. Our UI components support custom theming to perfectly match your existing style.
// add to <head> tag of page
<script src=""></script>
const theme = {
base: {
customFont: 'Alegreya Sans',
colors: {
primary: '#660099'
fontFamily: 'Alegreya Sans, sans-serif',
const opts = {
redirectUrl: ''
const p = new IP.Pricing({publicToken: 'YOUR_PUBLIC_TOKEN'})
p.showWidget(theme, '#plans-div', opts)
// Or use the React SDK
Example public pricing widget

Step 3: Create Plans

  • Create some public plans in the Iron Plans dashboard.
  • You can also create an unlimited number of private plans -- e.g. for custom offers, or pre-existing contracts.
  • Public plans can be unlisted to become private without interrupting your customers' service, and private plans can become public.
  • Plans are a collection of Features that you want to display to your customers. They also are the building blocks for more sophisticated pricing models.
You can create up to 4 paid public plans for your customers to select from.